My Chinese name literally translated means "Yellow Star Attic".

I love making things.

One day, when I was still too young to remember my own age, I found my mum's origami books.

"What are these?" I asked.

"I don't know why but, when I was pregnant with you, I suddenly fell in love with origami," she laughed, "No wonder you have such crafty little hands."

Since then, she taught me how to make things from the book and we would spend our weekends together folding trash boxes for the dining table.

As I grew older, I loved making things more and more. Even as an adult, when a design on paper become something three-dimensional, I still see magic.

I bullet journal.

I am both being very organised and very creative. Hence, my bullet allows me to organise my time but in the unique and flexible ways that want to, based on where I am and what I am doing.

I have everything from monthly layouts until 2021, lists for each semester and break, weekly plans, and to do lists, all working together to help me plan my time.

I've moved A LOT!

I was born in Qinhuangdao, China. By the age of five, I'd already lived in five different houses across four different cities.

That's when my family decided to immigrate to New Zealand. There, I lived in six different houses.

Now, I travel between New Zealand and the US every year. Who knows? Next time I land back at home, my parents might text me a different address!

My favourite song is Vincent (otherwise known as Starry, Starry Night) by Don McLean.

I'm a maths geek.

My earliest memory of learning maths is when my dad thought it was shocking that the school didn't teach five-year-olds their times tables. He helped me memorise them as I skipped along beside him while he mowed the lawn.

Since then, maths became something I could count on being good at, which made me more interested it. I soon realised that contrary to popular belief, its logic and structure did not make it boring but made it a powerful tool to create beautiful things.

I'm very independent and take charge of who I want to be.

Since I was young, parents adopted what they call a "shepherding style" of parenting which meant giving me the freedom and the responsibility of doing things my own way regardless of whether it was organising my room, figuring out how to bus and book plane tickets, or choosing my classes, extracurriculars, and university.

As a result, I've tidy my own room since I was six, I know there's nothing I can't figure out, and I'm self-driven in everything I do.

I love writing and storytelling.

I think that words hold a special power that can not only be used to communicate, but also to create a world that never before existed.

I wrote many short stories and a 200 paged novel when I was in my early teens before moving on to poetry and film writing.

Now, instead of a diary, I keep a journal of short essays and scene descriptions to remember my thoughts and experiences.

I wrote my college essay about acting and public speaking, even though I didn't apply for any performance art programs.

This is because the stage not only gifted me with the confidence to perform in front of a crowd, but it also taught me an important lesson about my role in life.

It made me realise that the time I have in this world and in other people's lives is precious, and that it's something I can use to create something poweful and wonderful for them.

I want to live somewhere sunny but am currently living two winters a year between the US and New Zealand.