Process for This Site

This site began as a documentation site for my web design work when I first started working with code.

The idea was to keep the file structure simple and create a hierachy that presents the projects clearly.

Then it came to deciding how the project would look and function.

Realising that this site had the potential to be developed into a full portfolio website, I focused on how I wanted to present my ideas.

What resonates with my unique visual voice?

Linear and geometric.

Like a sheet of white paper. Ready to be written on, sketched on, or be shaped into something.

Thinking about how these visual elements reflect how I design and ideate, I incorporated aspects of my bullet journal. Amidst its ink pen on white paper pages, the simulates how I structure my thoughts on a daily basis.

And...after a lot of font choosing, sizing, spacing, and html-css-javascripting, came the site that you see!

Special thanks to RISD Web Design Winter 2019,, and Stack Overflow.